We teach & Build Robots

STEAMLes Robotics is a Robotics Non profit and Non Governmental Organization registered in Lesotho, Southern Africa


We engage in projects that increase food production using cutting edge technologies.


We promote and teach courses within the STEAM discipline. We have on campus courses and outreaches.


Robotics is the future of the health industry, explore the role of robotics in health and you are free to contribute to our projects.

Pure Water

Robots play a very crucial role in clean water initiative, STEAMLes under the first H20 challenge started building innovations in this discipline and we are yet to build more.

Love & Care

At the core of our organization we aim to ignite the love for robotics in Lesotho and beyond, if you wish to support us, you are free to start now!!!

Robotics challenges & Travel Activities

We get multiple invitations to compete in challenges around the world,if you wish to support us,you can do it as soon as you wish

Featured Causes

We ignite the love for Robotics to all generations

STEAM & Robotics out reaches

We go to High Schools and Empower students with STEAM and Robotics programmes.We pride in social support,most especially in Education.

Robotics Challenges

We pride in that our students solve real world problems using the power of robotics across multiple global challenges like FRC,PARC and more.

Future Engineers Exposure

Robotics is the future, therefore we give our future leaders and engineers access to explore it from their best possible early ages. Together we go far!!!

How we are impacting many lives

Shaping the future

At STEAMLes Robotics, we are not just teaching children robotics; we are shaping their future. Through our innovative programs, we are igniting a passion for science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) in young minds. Our hands-on approach to learning allows children to explore, create, and problem-solve, developing critical skills that will serve them well beyond the classroom.


Our impact goes beyond the workshop. By taking students to compete in global robotics competitions, we are opening doors to new opportunities and experiences. These competitions not only showcase their skills but also instill confidence, teamwork, and a drive for excellence.

Join us at STEAMLes Robotics and be a part of transforming young lives, one robot at a time.

Our Students

STEAMLes is the home of innovation,we groom future and present engineers from low ages


Meet our amazing members of our FLL Team


Meet our amazing members of our FRC Team

2017 Alumni

Support Staff

Building in action

FRC team led by their coach


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I love robots and I am learning from STEAMLes

we create innovators, steam leaders with skills to improve and create new ideas to solve problems
Coach Tumo
STEAMLes has really played a great role in empowering the youth and kids in Lesotho #proud